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Biellese savannah: the Baraggia of Candelo - Locanda Della Stazione
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Biellese savannah: the Baraggia of Candelo

La savana biellese: la Baraggia di Candelo

In Candelo, a few km from our hotel, there is the Baraggia reserve, a large area ideal for horseback riding, walking or mountain biking. It is a particular territory located on a wild and suggestive plateau called Baraggione: a vast area of ​​about 5000 hectares, in the shape of a triangle, with very particular geological and botanical features. There are numerous paths, also ring-shaped, shaded by centuries-old oaks, all easily accessible and in some panoramic points on the Cervo torrent. Here is the video of this land reminiscent of the African savannah, but which is actually in the heart of our Biella area.


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