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History repeats itself - Locanda Della Stazione
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History repeats itself

La storia si ripete

From the book The fatigue, the yarn, the rows (First-hand memories) of the Alpini group of Lessona: “At midday my daughter Annalisa, returning from school, proceeded to deliver the brunzin containing hot food that was consumed near the workplace to various companies. In the afternoon, on request, a flask of wine was delivered to the fence of the Zanon Manufacture and delivered through a hole in the wall, withdrawing the void. I remember that director Penna summoned me to the office for the wine question, I explained to him that we delivered it that way because the workers did not have the possibility to collect it in the porter’s lodge. delivery is resumed. ” This was the story of Mami who remembered the first home deliveries of the Locanda della Stazione. The brunzin was an aluminum container where the food to be delivered to the workers of our factories was stored. Today, in different ways we offer the same service. If someone wants to deliver a hot meal in the factories in the area, you can still contact us



Locanda Della Stazione
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From 7 am to 10 pm from Monday through Friday From 9 am to 3 pm dinner upon request. Closed on Sundays, only reservation accepted.

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