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Prevostura 2020: a “special” edition

This year is very special. We all have had to adapt to a new world, a new way of living and seizing the opportunities that the new global situation can give us is certainly the challenge we must face.
On the first Sunday of October every year Lessona is invaded by hundreds of cyclists ready to tackle the ups and downs of the Prevostura mountain bike race.
Over the years we have hosted champions, judges, timekeepers, journalists, speakers, mountain bike enthusiasts. This will not be the case this year. Our hotel will not be animated like every year. I will not glare at the boy who enters muddy and leaves the trail of dirt up the stairs. I will not show where the water pump is to clean bicycles. I will not see more bikes than people pass through the hall. I will not see the always special smile of the Colombian guys who put them in a good mood even if it is 6 am and you already have to prepare breakfast for them.I will not worry if someone, especially amateurs, goes out to try the route on Saturday afternoon and at 19, when it’s dark, he’s not back yet.
We experienced this event-celebration for our country from a particular angle and this year when we read that it would not be the same Provost, a bit of nostalgia already appeared.
But … but the Provost will be there again this year, in virtual form, the path is clean and marked.
We will not be involved but knowing that even if there will be in a new way gives us hope for next year … I can’t wait to start consulting the weather forecast because I would never want it to rain on October 3, 2021 and if it’s raining… do you have any idea how I’ll find the showers on Sunday evening?!?


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