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We reopen but you cannot enter!
Said like this, it’s a little laugh but I know it will be what can happen from Monday 26 April 2021.
In fact, a reopening is assumed only for restaurants and bars that have an outdoor space in which to accommodate their customers.
So, first step: clean the porches, front and back and arrange the tables … spaced apart.
Second step: do the reverse rain dance and hope that the weather is mild, neither too hot, nor too cold.
Third step: look at the weather forecast, no better, never look at them, if we look at them then we become unmotivated.
Fourth step: continue to offer take-away given the weather forecast, see the third step.
Fifth step: don’t panic… too late!
We were closed for two months, we respected all the decrees, both when we were open and when we were closed, we adapted to work in takeaway mode and to make home deliveries (and I assure you that it was not easy, but to today bad things go if it turns bad I bring the curriculum to some courier that nothing scares me anymore), but today there is this glimmer of this “severed” opening that on the one hand excites us because we can’t wait to get back to work but on the other hand it makes us understand that it will not yet be normal work and leaves us uncertain of how to organize ourselves and what to do. We have never complained, and this is not the time to do it either (it is never the time) but don’t tell us that we will come out better or that everything will be okay… it could have been like that but it wasn’t.
If a storm comes in the middle of a May communion service, what do we do? Do we give them the bags and send them each to eat at his house or do we let them in risking a fine and closure?
We will reopen, we will be there, but we are demoralized: demoralized by the rules that are rigid, difficult to apply and enforce. Demoralized by those who have not respected the rules, creating even greater damage for those who have applied them, while understanding their reasons and therefore not expressing any judgment on the matter.
And anyway, if we really reopen on Monday … we are waiting for you … maybe bring a raincoat that I’m sorry, we can’t keep the third step, and the forecast from Monday is raining!


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From 7 am to 10 pm from Monday through Friday From 9 am to 3 pm dinner upon request. Closed on Sundays, only reservation accepted.

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