"Locanda della Stazione" restaurant offers a seasonal home cooking. Our head chef is Galliano. An high experienced chef, after attending E. Zegna hotel and catering school of Trivero, he worked in Livigno and Saint-Moritz hotel-restaurants then settled at the family restaurant. Our key word is simplicity, with delicious dishes made with seasonal and biological farm-to-table products.

Our daily menu can change on seasonal and market products. We offer a € 12 special price menu with first course, second course and side dish, water and coffee from monday to saturday. Our first course offers are soups or veg soups, Ragù or pestos (genovese traditional, rocket salad, endive, red radicchio) Our second course are roast meat, grilled meat, boiled meat with boiled vegs or salad side. Occasionally we cook fish and sea food. Our desserts are all hand-made from soft pies to creamy cakes. Dining hall has 80 covers. We can host special occasions such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries and various celebrations.

We can also arrange special menus with cocktail, appetizer and special dessert. We also have 20 covers in a reserved hall so we can set up lunch or dinner in a even more comfortable room. Our dining halls are all air-conditioned and accesible to disabled. Our kitchen is very careful to every customer needs so we can offer vegan and vegetarian dishes or appropriated meals for children, seniors and pregnant women.

Our restaurand joined "INCLUSIVE TOURISM: for every age, ability and nutition" project. On demand, we can cook special "piemontese fritto misto" for almost 20 ppl group or "gran bollito misto" with various boiled meat and sauces, local traditional dish.

Our choice is to offer only local wines to our customers: Lessona, Bramaterra and Coste Del Sesia. So everyone's a local manufacturer such as: Proprietà Sperino di Luca De Marchi, Aziende agricole Sella, Azienda vitivinicola Massimo Clerico, Pietro Cassina, La Prevostura, La Badina, Azienda agricola Manuela Cerruti, Colombella, Roccia Rossa, Guido Mazzucchelli. There are lots of fine wine matches with delicious Bramaterra risotto, braised or boiled meat. Our cuisine is very conscious on seasonal products choice and local products with our fine wines selection.

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SINCE 1961Mami


  • Via F. Cesone, 12
    Lessona 13853, Biella


  • Mon – Fri 07.00 – 23.00
  • Sat 09.00 – 15.00


  • Locanda della Stazione di Casasola Annalisa & C. s.n.c.
  • VAT: 01495090027
  • Phone
  • 015.981132