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Ricetto di Candelo: one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy

The term Ricetto derives from the Latin “receptum” (shelter, refuge) and the Ricetto of Candelo is preserved precisely because it has maintained the function of custody of the peasant community over time.
The Ricetto di Candelo is a fortified structure of the late XII – early XIV century, built on the initiative and will of the Candelese population in order to preserve and defend the most precious assets of the community: the buildings were not inhabited on a stable basis the agricultural products in time of peace and as a temporary refuge for population in times of war or danger.
The visit to the Ricetto di Candelo arouses deep emotions. Walking through its streets is like breathing history, it’s like “going up and down” for the Middle Ages to discover moments related to peasant culture, it’s like getting lost in the magic of a unique place.


Locanda Della Stazione
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From 7 am to 10 pm from Monday through Friday From 9 am to 3 pm dinner upon request. Closed on Sundays, only reservation accepted.

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