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The basin of the rhododendrons

May in our territory means flowering of rhododendrons. There are places where you can admire these flowers in all their splendor: the Burcina park in Pollone and the rhododendron basin in the Zegna oasis.

The latter was commissioned by the textile entrepreneur Ermenegildo Zegna who, as early as the 1920s, built the basin by planting rhododendrons, conifers, azaleas, dahlias and hydrangeas, creating an accessible natural park that gives its best in spring.

Inside the basin there is a contemporary art installation “Two Way Mirror / Hedge Arabesque” by Dan Graham, a steel and glass structure with differentiated refraction that with its reflected light effects allows a different look at the surrounding landscape.
Guided tours are possible upon reservation. For more information, visit

Distance from our hotel: 15 km (about 25 minutes)
Recommended period of visit: May-June (for the flowering of the rhododendrons). In autumn the foliage offers suggestive glimpses of the Biella pre-Alps
Where to eat: in panoramic Zegna there are farmhouses, bars and restaurants and numerous picnic areas


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