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The coming year - Locanda Della Stazione
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The coming year

From all of us a warm wish for a better 2021 than what this year has been for each of us. Finding positive things in 2020 is difficult, but there certainly was one. Time … This past year has made us perceive time in a different way. The time we dedicate to work, to our passions, to family, to ourselves. It is for us that work, passion and family come together in our lives and sometimes it is difficult to put the boundaries between one and the other, for us this time so different from the one we have lived up to now has also made us perceive the space of our restaurant in a different way. The empty hall, the room experienced only by us or by the few hotel guests, the cold and silent reception make it difficult to recognize these spaces so familiar to us. But there is a new time and space that we have learned to know and to exploit that is the polar opposite of what we are experiencing in our restaurant. The world of delivery is synonymous with speed: you have to prepare all the courses for everyone and deliver them all at the same time, there are no breaks between first and second or dessert. The spaces we met while making deliveries in Lessona and neighboring towns made us understand that our customers live in courtyards, on bottlenecks, in condominiums with dozens of bells, in hitherto unknown hamlets. And then the space that took us away from them has resized, shrunk. A thousand maneuvers in a hurry to get out of corners of Lessona or Masserano or Crosa that before we would never have thought could be inhabited. And so we understood that everything is truly relative, time and space, crisis and opportunity, wealth and well-being. In 2021, we place our hopes for a return to “normality”, aware that it cannot be the normality of 2019, but it will be a new “normality” with its times and spaces. See you again in 2021!


Locanda Della Stazione
Via Francesco Cesone, 12 13853 LESSONA – BI
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From 7 am to 10 pm from Monday through Friday From 9 am to 3 pm dinner upon request. Closed on Sundays, only reservation accepted.

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