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The palace of the Princes of Masserano

Lessona, the town where our hotel is located, borders on Masserano. Here, in the center of the town, stands the Palazzo Ferrero Fieschi, a real hidden treasure of the Biella area.
The building externally appears simple and austere without letting us imagine the riches contained within it: frescoes and decorations make it a real palace. The Palace built between the end of the 16th century and the second half of the 17th century was the residence of the Ferrero Fieschi family.
The palace develops on two levels and includes the first four rooms on the main floor and the rooms on the second floor and the Torrione, which unfortunately cannot be visited today. It is in the rooms on the main floor that we can find the biblical frescoes and the most beautiful wooden decorations.
In one of the four rooms is now kept the precious wooden altar of the Church of San Teonesto, the work of the sculptor Bartolomeo Tiberino d’Arona.
The second nucleus of the Palace consists of two reception rooms (the Hall of Heroes and Heroines and the Zodiac Room) and three smaller rooms (the Room of Dawn, the Room of the Arts, probably the Prince’s study, and the Cabinet Alcova) also decorated and frescoed.
In this area there is a monumental black marble fireplace.
Three rooms, perhaps part of the Prince’s private apartment, conclude the tour inside the Palace: the Aeolus Room, the Pluto and Proserpina Room and the Allegory Room.
The palace organizes guided tours and is one of the places we recommend to our customers who want to discover our territory.


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