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The Tour of Italy - Locanda Della Stazione
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The Tour of Italy

May is the month of the Tour of Italy, a cycling event that has always fascinated us. In the afternoon, while we do the daily jobs after the lunch service in the background for three weeks, we have the chronicle of the various stages and the beautiful images of our Peninsula flow on our television.
Three years ago, in 2017, the tour of Italy arrived in Biella: on Saturday afternoon the arrival in Oropa and on Sunday morning the departure from Valdengo.
It was an intense weekend for us. For the occasion we had dressed the pink room, with fresh roses from our garden and napkins and tablecloths of that color.
We got in touch with what we can’t see on television: we hosted those who mounted the stands at the start. We have practically not even seen them! They arrived very late in the evening and left early in the morning, always running as they had arrived.
It was an event. Tiring but fun. Seeing the images of our land on television made us proud, it made us understand that we Biellesi, as a team, know how to welcome. This year the tour will not take place … but nothing prevents us from dreaming that soon the pink caravan can still parade on our streets.


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